WhatsApp 2.12.30 APK Download for Android

WhatsApp 2.12.30 APK Download for Android, is the latest trending thing in the apk market, as we know, this updated version has been released some days back and now you can directly download it on any device by following the direct download like given in this article. Well its the latest release and it comes with some minor bug fixes and it works great on Android devices. Here we provide you WhatsApp 2.12.30 and I am sure you gonna love this updated version.

WhatsApp 2.12.30 APK For Android Download

Here the latest released apk file with comes with some bug fixed as they have declared so, but I think, they should also work on their UI, as we are looking at the same god dam design from years. Well for Android users they offer custom background, but thinks are worse for those who use old Nokia Smartphones. But, why should we have to care about this, because we are Android users and we are cool. So, lest just cut the crap and move towards the main objective of this post  “ Whatsapp apk file “.


Changelog in WhatsApp 2.12.30

Bug Fixes

So, this is what it takes to launch a new version of an app, which is so popular, that many of us now, can’t even imagine a day  without it. Well its kinda good actually and Now with Whatsapp Calling, it’s even better to connect with your friends and family on the go.

WhatsApp 2.12.30 apk Download Link

Now, let’s make this simple, you have two options, first you can just directly it from , or just head towards the Google Play Store and I am sure you gonna go with the first one. So, enjoy and do share your views with us and stay connected always.

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